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Food safety is of the highest importance, especially in manufacturing facilities that produce a large number of products each day. One contaminated machine, a dirty work surface, or unsafe handling technique can potentially affect every person the compromised food comes into contact with. If this happens at your facility, you risk large recalls, loss of revenue, and possibly lawsuits from those affected by the contaminated food. Proper industrial cleaning techniques can prevent all of these issues from occurring at your facility. At Fayette Industrial, our team is fully trained at providing thorough cleaning of industrial food production equipment, as well as any work surfaces, floors, and walls in your facility. By cleaning every single component of the work area, we ensure all harmful particles and germs are eradicated and leave you to safe food production.


Ensure your business stays clean with janitorial supplies from Macc Solutions. We offer commercial and industrial grade janitorial supplies such as chemicals, mops, towels, paper products, soaps and more. Save time and money while also keeping your workplace spotless.

  • Degreasers

  • Bathroom cleaners

  • Disinfectants and sanitizers

  • Pot & pan detergents

  • Trash bags and liners

  • Hand soaps and sanitizers

  • Glass and multi-purpose cleaners

  • Mops, dusters and cleaning pads

  • Mop buckets, spray bottles and carts

  • Paper towels and toilet paper

  • Toilet sanitizers and urinal screens

  • Air fresheners and dispensers

Macc Solutions professional detailing supplies and restoration products offer some of the most innovative technology to help professionals save time and money while delivering incredible results. Macc Solutions is a leader in servicing the auto dealership, car auction and professional detailer with products & training for the most basic clean-up to painted surface and interior restoration.

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Macc Solutions professional detailing supplies and 

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